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Below is some of the interior photography I shot for Holland & Barrett at the Intu Centre, Derby.  Photographers will assess each space with a critical eye to determine the best approach to photograph it. Light, composition and the narrative element are often at the for front of their thoughts.

Reviewing these images in 2023 I think composition wise they are okay, I think if I shot it now I would light it better and not relay on the store lighting that doesn't lend it's sell for photography. I also don't like the writing style, it seems a bit obsequious maybe? I recently shot interior design photography for Mcdonald's so you can compare the two.

The 'space' or new store is fantastic and a perfect example of how a savvy retailer is responding to the changes in consumer behaviour, in a connected world and tough economic times.

I'm not a typical consumer or marketeer but even I have noticed we have different expectations than we did a few years ago. It is fascinating to see how a switched on retailer responds to the new consumer environment in practice.

This it not a store where you simply browse the aisles until you find what you are looking for, make a purchase and leave.  It's about providing inspiration, an emotional engagement and showcasing strong brands and products.

It's not just a 'shop' it is a destination, focused on the individual and creating a lifestyle routed in a solid brand, something that continues across their digital presence.  There is a strong connection and integration between their online retail store, social media, and physical store, they work together and for each other, very savvy.

There was a product expert in store employed solely to look after customers and  the customer service was exemplary, creating a strong customer loyalty base and increased conversion rate.

The range of products is phenomenal yet it is easy to identify each section and product type through strong displays that are individual yet consistent. It is easy to flow through the store, in fact it is almost like a series of multiple destinations under one cohesive brand.

Well I am impressed anyway!

Centre aisle product display fron view
Shop aisle Intu Derby
Centre aisle product display side view
Shop aisle and products
Product display
Freezer display
Product close up Holland and Barrett
Dressing display
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