Construction Photography

Photography for Construction and Civil Engineering Projects

Matthew is a specialist construction photographer with a natural talent and years of experience.

He has photographed everything from the construction of power stations, to residential buildings such as houses and large scale apartments buildings, to commercial structures like office blocks, and industrial developments including distribution warehouses.

Each of these projects requires a specific approach. Sometimes it about the physical construction it's self, other times it's about the people and processes and others it may be about a specific product or service. Often it is about all of these.

There are examples and case studies through out this post.

Construction photography to supports your marketing efforts.

Construction photography with high production standards is a great way to market your construction business and stand apart from your competitors. It is a perfect way to engage with investors and clients as well as raise your reputation and win more business.

Matthew Jones is a highly skilled and experienced construction photographer who will capture and present your construction projects to current and potential clients.

Your future clients are very likely to be aware of your business before they get in touch. That's why it is important to build your brand and reputation on your terms.

Construction Photography of a mezzanine in a large warehouse, beige wood chip boards in front of steel work and red barriers
The erection of a steel mezzanine in a distribution warehouse by Construction photographer Matthew Jones

Who is going to tell your story?

The construction world is a small one and your reputation will likely precede you. Your future clients are very likely to be aware of your business before they get in touch. That's why it is important to build your brand and reputation on your terms.

Good photography and drone footage will help you achieve a reputation. It is important to make the right impressions whenever you have the opportunity and this is what we help you do.

It is important you own this process.

Construction Marketing Photography

When we undertake a construction site shoot we consider how the images will be used in the future. We will try and provide a range of images that work well for web, PR, print, editorial and social media. Our construction photography is used my clients all around the UK.

We aim to deliver more than photography, our goal it's provide an asset that can be used on multiple platforms and becomes an effective marketing tool

An orange zaxis 130 against a cloudy sky digging a drainage trench in brown earth
An zaxis 130 excavating a trench on a housing development.

Effective construction photography is more than a record. How something is photographed is as important as what is photographed and the narratives they contain 

MATTHEW JONES Industrial and Construction Photographer

Photography of your construction projects are resources you will use for years and for many purposes, making them a great investment and marketing tool.

Strong visual imagery is a marketing asset that will communicate your services and brand . We are experienced commercial photographers with expertise in photographing industrial processes and construction work.

We deliver high production values, creativity and relevant photography that works for you. Our job is to make you look good and to help you impress your clients through great photography.

Aerailk view of a construction site  showing the round working of a housing development
Aerial drone photography of the groundworks underway on a housing development.

My job is to help you get noticed, to establish trust and give potential customers confidence in your services.

We aim to deliver more than just photography, our goal it's provide an asset that can be used on multiple platforms and becomes an effective marketing tool to help you win more business

Matthew Jones

High Quality In Everything We Do

Making life Easy for You

  • One price - that includes travel, on site photography, post production and delivery of photographs in any format
  • Packages and Bundles available - save money maximize your ROI
  • Flexible dates - we can work in rain and snow or postpone the photography until a better day, at a moments notice with no cost to you.
  • Quick turn around - if you need the photos quickly, that's no problem
  • Full PPE - Ready to go

We have offices in Derby and Chesterfield and are well positioned to work on projects in Sheffield, Manchester as well as Birmingham and Leicester. There is more information on our 3 things to consider when searching for commercial photographers page.

Architecture Photography, Interior Photography, Drone Filming

We provide a range of associated services that feed in to our Industrial and Construction photography.

Construction Photograph of the Spice Mill east evivation showing the chequered brickwork pattern

We are experienced and competent commercial photographers.  Our small team provides other specials services to help you achieve your aims. Please click the link to discover more.

For each project we provide still and drone photography (where it is safe to do so) in one package. Drone imagery brings an extra dimension to the end product and provides great value for money.

We hold a ECITB safety passport and have full PPE, Matthew our main photographer has prior experience working in the construction and engineering industry and is very Health and Safety conscious.

We can photograph all sorts of industrial products on-site and have photographed point of sales kit, explosives, trucks, quarry equipment and gigantic CMMs. 

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We have offices in Derby and Chesterfield and provide Commercial Photography throughout the Midlands and South Yorkshire.

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