Commercial Photographers

Commercial Photographers - The 3 things to look for.

Searching for and commissioning commercial photographers should not be a shot in the dark.

The 3 things we think you should look for in a commercial photography business are;

  • Image Quality
  • Service and Support
  • Value for Money

This post will help you to define and understand what this really means

Destination Marketing Photography The growth Sculpture in chesterfield, Derbyshire with the crooked spire in the background to the right. Shot at nigh both are lit with lights
Searching for commercial photographers shouldn't be a shot in the dark.

Commercial Photography - Image Quality Definition

A well crafted and composed image with high production standards is a good starting point and a minimum requirement of any photographer you entrust to photograph your organisation.

We photograph people, events, processes and equipment however we area also photographing your, expertise, professionalism,  competence, ( your brand ) as well as the solutions you provide to your clients.   It's always good to ask yourself; what's in it for your client and what problem are you solving for them.

Good quality photography is a powerful and direct way to communicate this to your current and future clients

The process works by getting noticed, gaining recognition, winning trust so when clients are searching for the service or solutions you provide they go straight to you.

At Matthew Jones Photography we like to think we have you covered. We are a commercial photography business that has been delivering high quality photography to clients for over ten years. From the first phone call through to the delivery of your photography we endeavor to be as helpful as possible and ensure you get the best service we can provide.

Service, Support and Value

Service and professionalism can often only be judged once you hire someone. We believe value comes from the service and support we provide to our clients. We like what we do and we do it well. This means we support clients and help the get the most out of a shoot. It also means together we get the photography you need, this is our priority.

We hope to establish long term relationships and provide value to our clients.

Commercial Photographers Core Competencies

Good commercial photographers tend to specialise in key ares, such as PR and Press, product photography and fashion photography. We provide a range of commercial photography services and specialise in the areas of Construction Photography, Industrial Photography, Headshot photography and Event Photography. One of the things that differentiates us from other commercial photographers is that we include drone and aerial photography in our half day and full day rates.

Industrial shot of technician looking through a large magnifying glass
Shedding light on your research into commercial photographers.

Matthew Jones Photography is a team effort, Cindy provides the admin support and Sarah an award winning portrait photographer shoots portraits and also assists Matthew on the larger shoots. Together provide a profession and friendly service.

Construction and Industrial Photography

We have a comprehensive skill set when it comes to industrial, manufacturing and construction industries.

industrial photographers mobile forklift and large grey
Carefully balanced steel beams on a forklift truck by commercial photographer Matthew Jones

As you would expect Matthew will arrive on full PPE and provide a RAMS, insurance details, drone operational authorisations details when required. Matthew is an experienced commercial photographer and will discuss the shoot and help you plan the day to make sure you get the shots you need and we make good use of the time.
Drone photography, aerial footage, and commercial photography in one shoot.

Good commercial photographers know what shots work well and will help organise people, machinery and the environment on the day of the shoot. Having a plan, even a basic one will help you get great looking photography that showcases your employees skills, expertise and brand values to to current and future clients. Good commercial photography will not only help clients to become familiar with your business but also help engender trust so when it comes to making a decision for a supplier you are well placed.

Event Photography

Matthew is a master event photographer. Professional photography requires more than pure talent, it's about capturing images they convey the right messages and the moments that encapsulate the event. Events require time and energy to plan and on the day are over in the blink of an eye which makes capturing them a key priority.

We cover all types of events from corporate party event like the one above to conferences and awards ceremonies.

Event photography provides a useful and versatile resource. When we shoot an event we shoot different styles of images, including PR and press images, photography for marketing and internal promotion, and photography you can share with your clients and sponsors.

Commercial Photography at a corporate awards event of a male speaker wearing a suit and tie on a blue stage working towards the camera at an angle
Corporate event photography by Matthew Jones

We include a free gallery that makes sharing your photography simple. We grade every photograph and provide you with high and low resolution versions via a download link. We charge by the event except for professional event photography in London where we charge by the hour.

Headshot Photography and Portraiture.

All commercial photographers should know how to light a headshot, although a surprising amount don't.

Headshot photography of pale blond haired lady wearing a white top against a white background
Headshot Photography from our portable on site studio

We have a portable studio that can be set up on site, and use a soft complimentary lighting set ip that is professional and flattering. Within the price we will grade and retouch each headshot ensuring everyone looks their best, ( sometimes better). We offer a range of backgrounds and as well as studio portraits we can shoot portraits in your business / office environment.

A good quality headshot has always been important. Many of us are working remotely and as clients and colleagues communicate more frequently online it is increasingly important to get this right. We have you covered.

Other Commercial Photography Services

There are other commercial photography services that we provide.

Google Street View for business screenshot of a rey camping pod and google navigation arrow.

Although quite niche our skill set and experience covers destination photography, which requires photographic competence, versatility and a good eye for a picture. Virtual tour photography that requires sound technical knowledge to produce high production standard tours and industrial product photography. Industrial product photography is a little different to other forms of product photography. Products and machines are often shot on site and require technical competence to get a clean looking photograph in a photographically difficult environment. it also requires a creative eye to make the products look good and appear at their best.

Originally based in Derby the business has grown to cover all of the UK with many clients located in Sheffield South Yorkshire, and Birmingham and the West Midlands

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