Architectural Photography

Architectural photography is a balancing act between the aesthetic and the purely illustrative.

First and foremost a photograph has to look good. It has to draw the viewer’s attention and be worthy in some way, enough to seduce the viewer into dialogue. Once again this doesn't need to be complex, the viewer comes with his or her own personal experiences, knowledge and perspective.

This often means producing an image that combines two stories. One of physical features, such as materials and design features and one of the non physical. The non physical could be to portray aspiration, ambition, success, it could be cosy, cutting edge, modern or tasteful or have a culture or business bias.

The find out about our fees and see more examples head over to our Architectural Photography page.

Clients often favour one or other the other, a Construction company is likely to prefer the former, whilst a City Council may favour the latter.

Once I have an outline brief I’ll normally visit the site on several occasions, at different times of the day and evening to ensure I can get the best light.

Buildings and structures often look their best aesthetically at dawn or dusk and the features are often best illustrated in the daylight.  Daylight shots are best at the beginning or end of the day, a blue sky and a bit of sun really helps.  Given that a professional photographer gets all the technical bits right, lighting is still paramount.

I avoid HDR photography if possible however if I do use this technique I do it with subtlety, the sense of reality and believability has value.

Interiors are slightly different, good natural light and daylight bulbs are ideal but indoors there are techniques and lighting that can be used when conditions aren’t perfect.

Chesterfield Town Hall architectural photography
Chesterfield Town Hall at night
Chesterfield Town Hall, daytime shot
Chesterfield Town Hall, daytime shot
Council House Derby Interior shot
Council House Derby Interior shot
Paul Cummins Silk Mill poppies at dusk
Silk Mill Derby, taken at dusk
Justin Smith Architects Interior Shot
Barron McCann Building, Derby daylight shot
Architectural image Co op Distrubtion Centre truck wash
Co op distribution centre Junction 28
jewellery shop interior architectural photography
Interior Green + Benz Jewellery Shop, Chesterfield
Architectural photograph of Guildhall from the Market Place, Derby
Dusk shot of Guildhall from the Market Place, Derby
Horns Bridge roundabout growth sculpture
Growth Sculpture, Chesterfield dusk shot
Bilstein Group building, Chesterfield, architectural photography
Bilstein Group building, Chesterfield
Two men in fluorescent jackets in large warehouse with racking
Interior shot inside Bilstein Group building, Chesterfield
Chesterfield crooked Spire at night
Chesterfield crooked Spire at night
Tower Cranes and Steel Work
Photographic documentation of the construction of the worlds largest Biomass Plant, Teeside
36 ton excavator digging trench
H.E. Services 36 ton excavator during construction of Biomass Plant, Teesside
The European Restraunt Derby
The European, a lovely restaurant in heart of Derby
classic London Skyline
Classic London skyline night time shot
Westminster bridge London City
Westminster Bridge day time shot
Interior image of professional conference
Interior shot of the Enterprise Centre, Derby
Gastro Pub Interior, Chesterfield
Gastro Pub Interior, Chesterfield
Gastro Pub Interior, Chesterfield
Gastro Pub Interior, Chesterfield
Gastro Pub Interior, Chesterfield
Gastro Pub Interior, Chesterfield
Cafe in chesterfield, interior shot
Cafe in Chesterfield, interior shot
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