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Are you searching for a Commercial Photographer in Birmingham?

Choosing a commercial photographer can be challenging, costs and competence vary significantly between photographers. Service and professionalism can often only be judged after you hire someone.

The keynote speaker at the awards event reaching out to the audience with a fixed stare
Commercial Photography in Birmingham

The Commercial Photography Trinity - Costs, Competence and Service

The first thing you want to know is the cost. Commercial photography costs vary significantly and it is an important consideration. When you buy a service and skill which is unique it very different to buying a product.

You can find our commercial photography rates here. You can also submit a request for a quote here to book a call back.

A solid track record and portfolio is important and a good way to determine competency. We has been delivering high quality photography to clients for over a decade. We have many repeat clients and have had some excellent feedback;

Honestly Matt - you are a genius at your craft! Wonderful pictures - thank you so much for your work and support this year.

Kind words from a client after shooting a corporate conference and awards ceremony .

Originally based in Derby the business has grown to cover the Midlands and South Yorkshire, from the black country to Sheffield and often beyond. Our small and dedicated team consists of Cindy providing admin support and Sarah assisting Matthew on the larger shoots. Together we offer a profession and friendly first class service.

Commercial Photography Specialisms

Matthew Jones Photography specialises several areas that we consider to be our core competencies.

Drone Photography and Filming compliments our Commercial Photography services

Our service is underpinned by high production standards, a talent for good composition and creativity, whilst producing images with narrative that elevate your brand.

Industrial and Construction Specialist

One of our core competencies is construction photography and industrial photography. Matthew is a master of composition and light. You can view a Property Photography case study here

When we deliver a set of images of your project we are not just trying to showcase your brand, product or service. Our aim is to send you an asset that is compelling, instructive, concise and effective, one that creates a positive and likable response and builds trust.

Industrial joiner on a break at a distribution center construction site
A compelling portrait of construction worker at the end of the day

Matthew produces well crafted photography that helps you to establish your brand and win the trust of current and future clients.

Construction Photography of a green grabber truck wit ha bright red bucket about to grab a load of gravel
Establishing and creating brand recognition

To ensure a successful shoot we we discuss your requirements prior to the shoot and between us work out the best way to proceed. A plan and framework for the shoot helps maximise the time and makes sure you get the shots you need. The plan can be detailed or just a few lines of text and allows you to organise and prepare engineers, operatives and areas for the shoot. It is also time to think about props and to work out time scales. This is not alway possible though, particularly on construction projects and we also work to a general brief and provide a versatile range of shots that can be used on a website, print, social media and PR.

Headshot Photography and Portraits

If you are looking for headshot photography we have a portable portrait studio that can be setup on site to provide well lit high quality portraits. Our lighting equipment is all battery powered ( so no PAT required) we just need a space of around 6m x 5m, a board or meeting room is good. If you are looking for a more dynamic headshot for your business please get in touch there are a few ways to go about this.

Studio Headshot / portrait of lady with blond hair against a white background
Headshot on site in with a portable studio

We can also shoot environmental portraits, these are shot on site and provide context to headshots.

Personal Branding style portrait of a gym owner and coach wearing a black t shirt with arms folded against a dark background. Also called and environmental portraits style
An environmental portrait adds context and interest

Event Photography Birmingham

Does your organisation hold events? We are amongst the best event photographers in the country. We shoot in a natural / candid style that captures the decisive moments that recounts the narrative of your event. Take a closer look at our event photography to discover why.

Event photography shot of Mark Carney engaged in conversation Nottingham Chamber event deep blue background
Compelling photography at a business conference, Edgbaston Birmingham by Matthew Jones

Recognition and a lasting asset for you marketing activities

Events require a lot of planning that often goes unnoticed, they normally involve key stakeholders too. They are over in a flash so it's important to create a lasting visual record that is a testimonial to your hard work and success.

When we shoot an event we provide a versatile set of images that can me used for PR, marketing, promotion even board room prints. We produce a set of images that are impactful and eye catching that capture the atmosphere and moments that make a great event.

Event photograph of candid shot gone wrong as a smiling girl spies the event photographer and jokingly points him out.
Matthew is discrete and skilled at going unnoticed while photographing events.

Event photography is one of the purest forms of photography. It involves observing and capturing the moment and is a great measure of a photographers technical and creative skills. We have your event photography covered.

Why Matthew Jones Event Photography?

We have shot conferences, awards ceremonies, educational symposiums, trade shows, PR events and formal dinners at all of the major venues. We shoot the keynote speakers, human interaction, group shots and venues – capturing your branding and recounting the narrative of your event for marketing, recognition and to share and remember the experience

Drone Photography and Film

Drone photography is still relatively new. An aerial perspective provides strong impactful images and film. Drawing on 25 years of photography and a an eye for powerful composition Matthew produces outstanding aerial footage and photography. Matthew has Operational Authorisation from the CAA and shoots in 5.1k for high quality cinematic work.

Drone footage at a Winvic Construction Project in the grounds of Edgbaston

Virtual Tour Photography Birmingham

Our virtual tours are high quality and a great asset to promote your space. We are one of the original Google Trusted Street View for Business photographer and your virtual tour will be fully integrated into Google Street View and Google maps. They are a great way to introduce clients into your business and work well with a navigational overlay.

We also provide a detail report of visitors and analytics for each to so you can determine their effectiveness.

A virtual tour with navigation overlay

Commercial Photography Rates Birmingham

Cost and value is a key to making any decision. Our current commercial photography Birmingham rates are here. We aim the provide great value and repay your investment and trust in us.

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