Industrial Photography

industrial photographer fitter portrait wearing a full face hlemet mask
industrial photographer mobile forklift balances 3 steel beams watched carefully by to construction workers with yellow hi-vis vests

Why should you commission a specialist industrial photographer for your business?

Industrial Photography supports your marketing team to win more business from new and existing clients. Photography shot by a competent industrial photographer is a great marketing asset.

People respond to strong visuals and a strong photographic library is a key component in your marketing arsenal. Matthew Jones is commercial photographer who specialises in Industrial Photography. He and his team help you in your efforts to strengthen and develop your brand and gain and maintain a reputation in your Industry.

We shoot industrial photography that builds trust by showing buildings, infrastructure and processes and reflects expertise, skill and professionalism through your people.

Industrial photography in clean room of operator inspecting electronics equipment by industrial photographer Matthew Jones
Industrial Photography by Matthew Jones

Industrial Photography to support your efforts to win more business

An experienced manufacturing and industrial photographer with high production standards will help to get your business noticed and provide an insight into your business. For many successful businesses, professionally shot photography is an effective way not only of communicating with existing clients and raising awareness with new clients, it's a way to distinguish themselves from the competition.

Investing in good quality industrial photography from a specialist industrial photographer is a sound choice that will repay you.

Industrial Photography your Questions Answered

The three most common question we are asked are; how much will it cost? The straight forward answer is £795 per day, for each day of shooting there is up to two days of post production. While many industrial photoshoots are similar we will provide a quote based on your requirements. Please get in touch to discuss these or click the link for detailed information on our rates.

The second question is; do you have examples to show us. We have a dedicated Industrial Photoshoot case studies page that is updated with recent industrial photography photoshoots.

The other question is; what is your availability. That varies, sometimes we are booked several months in advance and sometimes times we just need a day or two's notice. We will do everything possible to work to your requirements.

A wheeled front end loader with a full bucket of shredded wood in a dull and dusty industrial looking warehouse
A wheeled front end loader in a wood recycling warehouse

Industrial Photography by Matthew Jones Photography

Matthew is manufacturing and industrial photographer with over a decade of experience.

He combines creative and technical skills to showcase manufacturing and industrial processes, machinery, locations and people at their best. It also about liaising with managers and operatives to ensure compliance with health and safety procedures and also to get shots of your workforce that show their expertise and specialisms.

We help the industrial and manufacturing businesses to show the human side of their business with a focus on the professionalism, skill and experience of their workforce. Matthew is an expert in capturing the details and processes that reflect your business to potential clients to show what you do and how well you do it.

You will receive high resolution, high production standard photography via a download link and an online gallery. We will keep your photography for at least five years, so you don't need to worry about loosing it.

We will deliver a portfolio of images that are versatile and that can be used across all of your digital platforms and print media.

You will get a friendly and professional industrial photographer, experienced in construction and industrial photography, who arrives with full PPE and has an ECITB - Safety Passport. Matthew our photographer, has prior experience working in the construction and engineering industry.

Construction Photography two Scaffolders laughing by construction photographer Matthew Jones
Industrial Photography two scaffolders share a joke with the photographer

Why commission Matthew Jones Photography?

The saying goes, you are only as good as the team around you, and we want to be a part of your team. We are the experts in our field and have a great track record in commercial photography with a specialism in manufacturing, construction and industrial photography.

We build strong working relationships with our clients and are invested in their success.

Instrail yard almost monochrome by Industrial Photographer Matthew Jones
Industrial Photography chemical waste recycling

Working with Matthew Jones Photography

The first step to producing effective industrial photography is to establish a brief and intent. This can be done over the phone or via a site visit and with you or your PR and marketing team. From this we will establish a schedule and plan to ensuring things go smoothly. When you need specific images for marketing, organization of an industrial photoshoot is crucial. Sometimes it is not always possible to plan in detail, often this is the case on large scale industrial construction sites. Matthew has the experience and eye to respond to a general brief and deliver high quality imagery or a detailed brief outline specific requirements.

Matthew Jones is commercial photographer with years of industrial photography experience. He knows how to compose and light shots in industrial and manufacturing environments. He will guide and direct people during shoot and knows what works and how to get great looking images in challenging environments.

A front loader a full stretch pushes plasterboard in an industrial recycling facility to the top of a pile. It's front wheels are half way up the slope.
A front loader pushes plasterboard in an industrial recycling facility.

Pre-Site Visit

We know how to get the best out of an industrial photoshoot and this starts at the planning stage. We recommend you look for examples of Industrial and manufacturing photography that you like to help establish the the look and feel of the images you want. Often we will do a free pre-site visit to discuss the brief, in the location where the shoot will take place. It's an opportunity to work out shot locations and to help you and your team prepare for the shoot.

We have a few examples from recent Industrial Photoshoots and an Industrial Photography case study that provide additional information.

Creating a visual asset ctor ex

Were work on a reglualr pases doe a number of clients to build a library of photography that is an invaluable visual asset. thst is used for marketing and PR across multiple platforms. It is almost certain that you already use photography already and your current and future clients will come across your website and marketing material. Photography is a key component so we believe it is import to take control of this process and not only do it well but take maximum advantage of the opportunity it presents.

Construction Photography

For a specialist industrial photographer there is much crossover with industrial construction photography and you can follow the Construction Photography link for further details.

Machinery Photography

If you are looking for Industrial product photography or industrial machine photography please have a look at the Industrial Product Photography page

Product shot of Industrial machinery ny industrial photographer Matthew Jones
Industrial Machine Photography

The End Game

It is good to have clear and defined goals. Our aim is to help you to get noticed, to build trust and establish a relationship that leads to you winning more business.

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