Headshot Photography & Corporate Portraits

Headshot Photography for the Midlands

Does your business or organisation require headshots or portraits? Would you like headshots that show a little personality and a touch of creativity? We bring the studio to you. Our photographers are not only experts in lighting and photography techniques but also know how to but the sitter at ease and guide them gently through to process.

Why are headshots important?

If your business is online then headshots are vital to your professional image. A good headshots helps create a professional perception and connection to your clients and colleagues. Putting a face to a name helps to inspire confidence to potential clients. If you use a non professional headshot this could have a negative impact.

Headshot photography is used across multiple platforms and for many different purposes. The need for staff portraits often crops up unexpectedly so it's good to have them to hand.

Headshot photography for business?

Headshot photography of pale blond haired lady wearing a white top against a white background
Headshot photography by Matthew Jones

The first step is to get in touch and discuss your requirements, we'll advise on the best way forwards and provide you with a quote. The main choices are between a studio setup or 'environmental portraits'.

There are examples of both types of portrait photography in the gallery above. We set a portable photography studio up at your premises so there is no need for staff to travel. We use a slightly different lighting setup for 'environmental portraits'. Our photography studio requires a 5m x 6m space, often a meeting or board room is sufficient.

We charge around £345 for 12 people and £645 for 30 people which is in line with out general Commercial Photography rates.

For simple headshot photography, it’s good to allow eight to ten minutes per person. We send you the proofs and you choose between two and four photos per person to be graded and returned to you.

Matthew is an experienced portrait and headshot photographer who puts sitters at ease and gets the best out of each person. He will guide and advise you on how to stand, how to position your head and hands and your posture. Above all though he will but people at ease and help the to get the best portrait possible that conveys the the right professional image.

We sympathetically retouch your chosen headshots so you look your best and portray a professional image.

If you want to know how to get the best headshots check out our Top Ten Tips For Great Headshot Photography

If you are looking for creative corporate portrait photography we use a different light set up to create an individual portrait that reflects your brand and personality.

Actor Headshots

Actor headshots require a different approach to business headshot photography. Actor headshots fulfil a different purpose and often more expressive, edgy and emotive.

Actor headshot closely cropped portrait of a young female actor with blond streaked hair and a soulful look against a black background
Actor headshot by Matthew Jones

Headshot and Portrait Photography for Individuals

For individuals we charge £185 and provide 10 - 15 graded images. We will shoot around 200 - 300 photographs, send you the proof for you to make your selection.

Prior to the shoot Matt will discuss what you want from the session and advice on how to achieve this.

Square LinkedIn ready Headshot photograph
LinkedIn Headshot 300 x 300 pixels

Photography for LinkedIn

Our photography studio can be set up on site so there is no need to travel and we keep any disruption to a minimum.

We will crop and size your headshots ready for LinkedIn within the cost. Here is the link if you would like to know the recommended LinkedIn Photo Specifications

We also sympathetically retouch every photography to give and even more professional and pleasing appearance

  • Grey back drop with ‘white cut out’ versions available.  These have greater flexibility in their use.
  • Black and white versions on request, useful for roll overs.
  • Web ready version options, just drop them into place.

We will help you make the best choice for your brand and website.

Our portrait gallery shows examples of typical portraits and headshots. We are always of for a challenge. If you would like something less standard and want a creative portrait or headshot please get in touch.

With offices in Derby and Chesterfield there are no travel expenses for locations within 40 miles of these locations.

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We have offices in Derby and Chesterfield and provide Commercial Photography throughout the Midlands and South Yorkshire.

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