Derby Event Photography

Derby Event Photography

Great event photography brings photography skills front and center.  It’s about the craft, skill and an eye for light and composition, relaying on these more so than the subject.  This is because you have to photograph what is there, at the same time recognising and capturing those moments to represent the event and provide the right interpretation for the consumers of your photographs.

It is of course also about the biggest cliche in photography; the decisive moment.  Most photographers can make a good photograph from a good subject but I love and respect those photographers who get great photographs out of challenging situations.  Here are a few photos from the last two event we covered.


Jacci Gold speaking 1

audiance member smiling

Jacci Gold speaking 2

Jacci Gold speaking 3


Event Photography Derby 051

Jacci Gold speaking 5

Jacci Gold speaking 1

Event Photography Derby 048

Event Photography Derby 047

Event Photography Derby 046

wide shot of University of Derby event

Two members of the audiance

audiance checking event programme

Local MP with event programme

Audiance makes way to auditorium

networking at event

Event name badges

Lord Judge speaks to media

Lord Judge talking to guests

speaker on podium wit h VIPs in background

speaker addresses audiance.

Audinace clapping

Speaker introduces Lord Judge

Speaker introduces Lord Judge 2

Lord Judge dilvering engrossing speech

Lord Judge dilvering engrossing speech 2

close up of Lord Judge

Lord Judge emphasises key point

Lord Judge emphasises key point 2

Lord Judge emphasises key point 3

Lord Judge at podium

Lord Judge at podium 2

Lord Judge at podium 3

Lord Judge at podium 3

Lord judge signing book

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