Industrial Waste Management and Recycling

The Future of Waste Management in the 21st Century

It is clear we have reached and even gone beyond the point and where not acting on environmental issues is going to cost more then not acting. The industrial and manufacturing sectors look to suppliers to assist them in their environmental obligations. This shouldn't be a burden though and through innovation and investment from businesses such as Willshee's there is a productivity and efficiency pay off in addition to environmental benefits.

Willshee's represents the very best if modern waste management and waste recycling, which is one of the reasons the company is growing rapidly.  While I was shown around by the director Dean Willshee he told be of the remarkable story of how his father started with nothing and how it passed into his hands and grew into a multi million pound business, an incredible story.  

The company provides a range of services based on zero landfill and process domestic and industrial waste.

Skip truck shot from behind with remote operator
Wireless technology comes to skip trucks
Grab truck in builders yard
A grabber truck loading with gravel will return with construction waste for recycling.
A Volvo EW240E Material Handler loading a truck
The of a Volvo EW240E Material Handler in action turning waste wood products into energy.

Waste management has come along way since the era of the 'dustbin' man of my childhood.

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