Derbyshire Landmarks - Wind Turbines

Senvion MM82 - Carsington Pastures

Sleek and elegant, with a form that is defined very much by function these Sevion wind turbines are very much of the 21st Century. As you view the film and look closely at the surrounding landscape much of Derbyshire's recent and ancient history is apparent.

The most recent addition to the Derbyshire Landscape and history was shot by Matthew Jones using a 4k drone and is best view in full screen.

The Senvion MM82 - Nominal power: 2,050 kW

A Landscape Shaped by Human History

Derbyshire is undoubtedly a beautiful county.

What we perceive as natural beauty is shaped and determined by man. The moors of the Dark peak have been carefully managed for centuries. The picturesque limestone walls came into existence at a significant moment of change to the rural way of life. The impact of Enclosure Acts and industrial revolution can be clearly seen though the farmlands of the White Peak and industrial heritage that is now protected.

The richness and diversity of its human history spanning millennia have not only left their mark but become inseparable from this beauty and defines the character of the landscape and county.

From the accent lead mines and more modern limestone quarries in the west, to the mills along the Derwent and Amber valleys and the coal fields in the west. From Minninglow and the many church spires and stone circles to the granges and farms. Not forgetting the many historic houses and old railways, canals and reservoirs. All testify to the imperatives of times gone by.

View of Carsington water frem the Senvion MM82 wind turbine on a summer eveing
Looking from Carsington Pastures wind turbines towards Carsington Water

Thousands of years of human presence, remains and is reflected back to us in the Derbyshire landscape, testifying to the times they lived it in and the impact of the wider world on this corner of the world.

You cannot truly experience Derbyshire without feeling this presence and at the same time being part of it.

The Wind Turbines at Carsington water and the adjacent Ryder Point are the most recent addition to this history.

A reaction to raising energy cost and the environmental impact of power generation they provide clean power to near by industry. They can be seen from many miles around and are one of the icon landmarks of Derbyshire.

There are a number of Derbyshire Landmarks visible from here including Riber Castle, Bennerley Viaduct and Crich Stand.

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