Construction Photography Teesside

Construction Photographer - Matthew Jones

During the last 2 and half years I've been traveling up the A1 / M1 to Teesside on behalf of APC to photograph the construction of the world largest purpose built CHP biomass power plant

Globally the trend is transitioning from fossil fuels, to a mix of sustainable low carbon alternatives.  This £650m project is indicative of the state of play in global power distribution and a historical marker of where we are today in the UK.  Reliable and consistent power is increasingly critical to our existence, on the other side of the coin, global warming is potentially a catastrophic threat to the very same. This Plant will produce around 299MW of low carbon power from sustainable resources. The fuel is primarily waste material from sawmills, that use sustainable forests, tracked from point of origin to the plant and regulated by Ofgem.

This plant is highly efficient achieving over 80% efficiency compared to a maximum of 40% from coal-fired alternatives. This is in part due to those easily missed letters CHP.  ‘Combined Heat and Power’ integrates the otherwise wasted heat into the power generation process. Although the advantages of this plant far out way the downsides, there are two primary adverse considerations. Biomass fuel can cause pollution, although this particular plant uses technology to clean the waste gases before they enter the atmosphere. The other main issue is transportation, which adds to the carbon footprint and also additional cost.

Tees REP Power Station Photography gallery

Biomass steel work
Fuel silos
Construction site
Photographic documentation of the construction of the worlds largest biomass plant, Teeside
Construction workers inspecting steel work
Teesside-biomass-power-plant-internal shot
Colman 1

Here is a selection of pictures of the early construction phase.  They include my two patient guides for the day, Colman and Patrick.

If your wanting to hire photographer for your construction project you will find our Commissioning Construction Photography page helpful.

Steel work and tower cranes by Construction Photographer Matthew Jones
The boiler housing under construction with Sarens tower crane
View of silos under construction
Construction of the fuel silos adjacent to the dock
Contruction workers
Colman on the right, my guide for the morning. One of the most charming and knowledgeable men you will ever meet.
Patrick poses for a photo
Patrick... TT racer and Construction Engineer. Also my guide for the afternoon
Cranes, stack and generator platfrom
Generator platform with the stack behind
Crane, stack steelwork and generator platfrom. Dumper truck in the forground
Site view looking north
Sarens crane and steel work
One of the many Sarens tower cranes onsite
Concrete pumping truck
Reilly's pumping concrete for the base of the fuel silos
Consturction site
Fuel silos early in the construction process
construction site with red crane
Fuel silos early in the construction process
36 ton excavator
H.E. Services 36 ton excavator
36 ton excavator digging trench
H.E. Services 36 ton excavator side view
Constrcution supervisor direction oprations
The sagacious Colman directing operations.
construction site laying concrete
Looking across the construction site to the dock
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