Website Photography

Website Photography

Our region is blessed with some of the best marketing and design agencies in the country.

Over the next few months I will  be sharing the results of photography projects we have undertaken for several marketing agencies based in the East Midlands, these represent some of the best agencies around.

I’ll be providing a few tips on what to expect from a good agency and my experience of how to get the best out of a photo shoot.

There are many things that lead to a successful shoot,  knowing what you need and how it is going to be used is one.  You may not know this initially so often it involves a discussion between your design agency, photographer, marketing manager and director to work out a shot list.  There is little point in having hundreds of photos that aren’t usable so having this list in invaluable. The next stages are planing locations, organising and preparing staff, acquiring props and then working out a shoot schedule and brief.  Photography can make or break a website so although it can be a lot of work it is worth the effort.

It is also worth mentioning a website designer is only part of the mix.  Your marketing agency will do much more than design a website, they will will help to create and develop your brand and identity.  They will want to know your customers and objectives to inform your branding and marketing activity.  They will know the right blend of online and off line marketing, and have the expertise to help reach your customers and differentiate you from your competition. The screenshots below are taken from a website designed and built by Burn the Book,  They are a leading marketing agency based in Derby with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to draw on.




Young apprentice portrait web banner


Apprentice installing network cables in a false ceiling

security camera web banner


Security lighting web banner Derby


Web banner ceiling smoke sensor


corporate portait web banner Engineer inspects alarm system


Engineers reading plans on web banner Alarm panel and hand web banner

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