Waste Management and Recycling

Waste Management and Recycling

Willshees represents the very best of modern waste management, which is one of the reasons the company is growing rapidly.  While I was shown around by the director Dean Willshee he told be of the remarkable story of how his father started with nothing and how it passed into his hands and grew into a multi million pound business, an incredible story.   The company provides a range of services based on zero landfill, protecting the environment and saving businesses money.  Visit their website for more info

Below is a short video showing the waste being processed into bales prior to being sent for incineration. (please don’t judge me by the video it’s not my day job)  Waste can be turned into energy to produce electricity, while strict laws govern the flue gases entering the atmosphere.

The photos further down are a selection from the shoot, including the cardboard recycling system recently installed at Wiggle.


Trash bales being picked up by folk lift truck
Non Recycled waste is compressed into bales prior to incineration.


Trash bales being loaded 2
Bales are loaded onto trucks


Bin lorry empying trash
This is where your recyclable waste is deposited prior to sorting.


Bulldozer clears up trash
Bulldozer piling up recyclable waste.


grab crane with hydrolic cab
This waste product will be used in the construction industry. Recent investments ensure this is done quickly and efficiently here is one of their new 360 Liebherr machines in action.



grab crane with hydrolic cab
A different angle and a demonstration just for me.


grab crane with hydraulic cab
A better view of the hydrolic cab that provides a good view up high or down low.



testing and monitoring the system
Testing and monitoring the system


loading bays re purposed for waste disposal
Loading bays re purposed for waste disposal, an innovative solution to practical disposal and recycling of waste.


cellophane waste about to be compressed and sent for recycling 1
Cellophane waste about to be compressed and sent for recycling.


cellophane waste about to be compressed and sent for recycling 2
Cellophane waste being compressed before being sent for recycling.


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