The UK’s largest solar panel array

The UK’s largest solar panel array

The M&S distribution centre at Castle Donington handles all their online sales.  It’s a massive building with a 20 acre roof most of which is going to be covered with 24,320 250w solar panels.  These will generate over 6 MWp of power.  The system was designed by so if you have the roof space that’s who to get in touch with.  The roof was 30m high and it was great being up there.  I’ll be back again to photograph the finished job.  The photographs below show the work underway.


IMG_9444 IMG_9452 IMG_9466 IMG_9468 IMG_9464 IMG_9463 IMG_9460 IMG_9459 IMG_9454 IMG_9489 IMG_9486 IMG_9483 IMG_9605 IMG_9599 solar array castle donington

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