Nottingham Independent Film Festival

Nottingham Independent Film Festival

Normally while shooting events a flash is considered an essential piece of kit, however, on this occasion, it wasn’t possible to use one.  The primary use of the photographs was for marketing, so turning the ISO was not an option as this would cause unacceptable grain in the images. This was was the first time in my long career that I had to shoot an event of this type with no flash.

I had to adapt and draw on what skill I had to work out a different approach, fortunately, I had a manual focus tilt-shift lens with me and my tripod. I also had the luxury of a two-day event with plenty of time to try out different things.

All these shots were taken with very low shutter speed and no flash.



Auditorium panoramic 24mm TSE lens f4.5 / 2 sec
Engaged audience member
Engaged audience member 140mm – f2.8 – 1/15


small cinema auditorium, speaker and audience member in conversation
Speaker and audience interaction 24mm TSE lens – f5 – 0.5 sec


Group of sitting people with cetral focus on two people deep in conversation
Nottingham Contemporary Networking event 24mm TSE lens – f5 – 1/8
A seated audience member talking on a microphone
Reverse question time where the panel ask the audience the questions 135mm – f2.8 – 1/15


Standing speaker on stage
Speaker on stage 24mm TSE lens – f5 – 1/8


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